10 Jobs That Will Forever Change Your Stout Experience

It's that time of year again!

Fall is finally here!

Fall is a time of change. The leaves turn color, the temperature drops, Uggs increase in frequency, and we suddenly begin to care about certain flavors.

Yeah, that flavor...

Yeah, that flavor...

Fall is also a time of change for Blue Devil Productions! Every year during this time we begin our hiring process for our executive board. And guess what? The application is open RIGHT NOW.

Check it out here  → https://orgsync.com/11364/forms/224489

And it should go without say that we're SUPER DUPER siked to see all the eager applicants.

Literally us when we think about new BDPers.

Literally us when we think about new BDPers.

But, this year, we want you to understand what's being offered. More often than not, students don't apply because they aren't sure what the positions entail or, even worse, they don't even know what BDP is!

Well, as you probably know, we are Blue Devil Productions and we are UW–Stout's entertainment organization (i.e. our job is literally entertainment, which are two things that are often separate).

Pretty much what our job looks like.

Pretty much what our job looks like.

We are a student-run organization. We have members and board members. And, at this current time, we are beginning to hire the newest batch of board members.

"That all sounds great, but what are my choices if I want to work as a board member in BDP?"

Great question! You have 10, fabulous options:


1. Executive Producer

The big kahuna. Head honcho. Da boss. 

The Executive Producer is essentially the face of BDP. They lead the pack and keep everyone on-track and accountable. They also help manage the organization's sizable budget. We're looking for applicants with a healthy mix of managerial skills, humor, and fun. A strong knowledge and interest in entertainment helps too.

Currently held by Anna Haggerty. Contact for job shadowing: bdpexecpro@uwstout.edu


2. Communications Director

Technically the Vice President of BDP, the Communications Director acts as the liaison for our organization's communications. They are in control of BDP's email, take meeting minutes, and write Campus Life Today and UW–Stout Today posts. They typically help out with other writing-related tasks as well.

The other big role that the Communications Director possesses is management of the membership program. Blue Devil Productions LOVES it's members, and we make sure that they're treated right. It's the Communications Director's job to make sure membership is fun and rewarding by engaging with members and organizing a member program.

Also, we should add that the Communications Director has taken on a new role recently. THIS FREAKING BLOG! The BDP blog was created this semester as a fun way to brand our organization and advertise our events. By taking this position, you would be in full control of the blog.

Currently held by Matthew Gundrum. Contact for job shadowing: bdp@uwstout.edu

3. Campus Marketing Director

Marketing. It's one of those weird, intimidating terms that makes people shy away. But have no fear! It's one of the most fun jobs in BDP.

The Campus Marketing Director deals with ALL promotion efforts made within our campus boundaries. They're ones who're in the Commons or MSC handing out handbills and decorating our MSC display case.

They also take care of our social media! This is a HUGE responsibility because an effective social media campaign takes a lot of work. We are currently on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. All four require constant love and attention. 

Currently held by Jessica Empey. Contact for job shadowing: bdpcampusrel@uwstout.edu


4. Public Marketing Director

More marketing! This position deals with all marketing efforts beyond our campus borders.

This means putting up posters at local businesses, contacting radio stations/newspapers to advertise our events, and essentially developing good relationships with non-Stout related customers.

This is one of the most flexible positions because you can totally make it your own. Want to make promotional videos? Go ahead! Maybe you have a knack for art and would like to create Snapchat filters? Sure! The sky is the limit with Public Marketing Director.

Currently held by Hannah Vogel. Contact for job shadowing: bdppublicrel@uwstout.edu


5. Art Director

Calling all graphic designers! 

This is one of the best positions in BDP if you possess an artistic flair. That's because YOU are creating our posters each semester! You will also be provided plenty of other design opportunities. We create a lot of freshman promo items and you bet that you'll be designing those too. 

This position is absolutely incredible for your portfolio, not to mention the fact that it'll really help you polish your digital design skills. If you're curious about past designs, check here for an archive of our posters.

Currently held by Nick Grilley. Contact for job shadowing: bdpart@uwstout.edu


6. Multimedia Director

We take our web presence very seriously. That's why we have a position specifically designed to do upkeep on our site!

The Multimedia Director is dedicated to updating our current website and creating new ones. There is a lot of freedom here, and we expect that all applicants are creative coders who're well-versed in HTML and CSS. 

The Multimedia Director also creates entirely new websites for larger affairs. Check out the sites for Homecoming and Bowling for Soup. Fabulous, right?

Currently held by Alyssa Rupp. Contact for job shadowing: bdpmulti@uwstout.edu


7. Special Events Director

Can you say LARGE SHOW?!

Every semester, BDP has a single, paid event (all of our other events are free, just in case your forgot) called the Large Show. This show is our BIG one. We bring in a well-known act and a spectacle ensues.

Bringing in these big acts is a tough job, though. That's why we have a position solely dedicated to it: Special Events Director.

In this position, you'll be contacting the agents for big acts directly. Your job is to arrange deals with these bands and get them over here. Once you book them, it's your job to make sure everything goes smoothly; from the moment they accept your offer, to the moment they get off stage. Ever wanted to work with a big band? Here's your chance.

Currently held by Annalecia Vallafskey. Contact for job shadowing: bdpspecevents@uwstout.edu


8. Music Director

Do you like music? Do you REALLY like music? Do you like music so much that you intend on pursuing music industry jobs after college? Well this is the job for you!

Our Music Director books all of the FREE bands that we bring in each semester. Contact them, make a deal, get 'em over here, and make sure the show goes smooth. 

This is a great way to get your foot in the door in the music industry. You'll be in constant contact with talent agencies, band managers, and band members. It's a pretty cool gig if you practically eat, dream, and sleep music.

Currently held by Anna Haggerty. Contact for job shadowing: bdpmusic@uwstout.edu


9. Comedy Director

Attending a comedian and laughing along to their jokes is always a fun time. But there's something truly special about booking a comedian and watching them make other people laugh. It's the gift of giving.

The Comedy Director is responsible for bringing all of our comedians to campus. And we don't joke around when it comes to this position. We're dedicated to bringing the funniest people we can find. It's a process we take very seriously.

This is another one of those jobs where you'll get a foot in the door within the entertainment industry. You'll be corresponding with agents and comedians regularly.

Currently held by Jenna Oliver. Contact for job shadowing: bdpcomedy@uwstout.edu


10. Homecoming & Films Director

This position is special because you're in charge of two really big roles: movies and Homecoming. 

Let's start with movies. BDP shows films about once every other week. We take pride in our film offerings because we typically show them before they've hit DVD. These movies are pretty much exclusive, pre-DVD screenings. How cool is that?

You'll be choosing the movies that comes to campus. It's a bigger job than you think because you have to have an eye for popular films. This is pretty much an on-campus dream job for movie geeks.

In addition to bringing movies, you will be in charge of arranging the rollout of Homecoming. BDP plays a very large roll in Homecoming and we're proud of the work we do. However, none of this work could be done without the Homecoming & Films Director. They help organize the festivities and are in constant communication with the Homecoming Committee to make sure that this big event is a smashing hit.

Currently held by Serena Coleman. Contact for job shadowing: bdpfilms@uwstout.edu


So did any of these sound cool? Yes? Then go ahead and apply here! If you want more info before you apply, be sure to contact the individual(s) with the position(s) you desire and request a job shadowing session.

Good luck!




Additional Info:

What you will need for this application: Contact information, 2 references, your resume, tentative class schedule for Spring 2017, copies or links to any applicable information about you, and your knowledge and passion for BDP!

Applications are due no later than 5:00 pm on Friday, November 11th, 2016. Late applications will not be accepted!

Interviews will be scheduled from November 16th through November 18th. A Doodle link will be presented in this application to choose available interview times. Not all who submit applications will be guaranteed an interview.  You will be notified of your interview status and time by 8 pm Monday, November 14th, 2016. Those interviewed will be notified of their hiring status by November 22nd.

Questions can be emailed to BDP's Advisor: Emily Ascher aschere@uwstout.edu