Introducing The #SoupSelfies Ticket Contest!


We're very proud to bring Bowling for Soup to our university this year!

Yeah, THAT Bowling for Soup. You know, the guys who did this song:

AND this song:

AAAAND, of course, this:

So yeah, the hype is real. But this is a paid show, and for a college student, paying for things isn't exactly favorable. 

Luckily, we're here to present an alternative that'll snag you tickets FOR FREE. However, you're going to have to work for these tickets... taking selfies.

We're VERY excited to announce our #SoupSelfies contest. By using the hashtag with your image, you will be automatically entered into a drawing to win a free ticket to the show.

You can choose to post your image on your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter profile. If you do it this way, you MUST "@," mention, or tag us in the description. You also have the option to privately message us the image, which we will then post ourselves.

We have five free tickets to give away so the five best #SoupSelfies will be awarded.

BUT, there's a catch. You can't just take a lazy, uninspired selfie with some random can of soup. There's a process here.

1. Find your favorite can of soup

It's hard to care about something if you're not passionate. So why take a selfie with any old can of soup? Find your favorite, even if that means going out and buying it. It'll make your image feel more personal.

2. Choose a weird or interesting location

Don't just position yourself next to your cupboard. Go somewhere weird. But don't be stupid about it. We're not responsible if you fall into Lake Menomin while trying to capture a fire selfie.

3. Position the soup in a creative manner

Put soup where it doesn't belong. Bring soup out of it's comfort zone. We want you to take your soup where no soup has gone before.

4. Make a goofy face

Be silly about it! Deadpan expressions are never fun. This will help brighten your selfie.


Once you follow all these, you should have something that looks like this:

We encourage that your submissions are less creepy.

We encourage that your submissions are less creepy.

You see? It's pretty simple!

Remember, you have two options to submit:

- Post your pic on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with #SoupSelfies. Be sure to "@," tag, or mention us in the pic.

- Send us a private message of your pic via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and we'll post it.

We will be accepting submissions until Friday, October 28th @ 11:59 p.m.

Now get out there and get creative!


Bowling for Soup will be playing on Tuesday, November 1st at 8pm in the Great Hall, MSC.

Ticket sales are as follows:

UW–Stout Students
- One-week pre-sale (October 13th, 9am-October 20th, 9am) $5
- Pre-sale (October 21st, 9am-October 31st) $15
- Day of show (November 1st) $17

- Pre-sale (October 21st, 9am-October 31st) $20
- Day of show (November 1st) $25

The exclusive one-week student tickets must be purchased at the Service Desk on the first floor of the Memorial Student Center and only one ticket is allowed per student. Please note that student tickets are for UW-Stout students ONLY! If you purchase a student ticket you must present a UW-Stout student I.D. at check-in on the day of show and when purchasing. If you do not have the correct ticket, you will be directed to pay an up charge for the correct ticket. 

Tickets can be purchased online here.

This event is sponsored by Blue Devil Productions of the University of Wisconsin-Stout. For more information please call Blue Devil Productions at (715) 232-2432 or go to