The Single Biggest Question You May Have About This Week's Events

Yes, folks. There is but a single question you should have about Blue Devil Productions' entertainment offerings this week. By no means is it a complex query, but it is a critical one for sure.

Which event should I go to?

It's a question many of you may ask when we're on a week such as this because we're offering not one but TWO events. That brings you to a decision-making process, which brings forth additional questions.

Should I attend just one?

Should I attend both?

Should I attend neither?

Essentially our reaction if you choose the last option. (Sidenote: Who else thinks it's devastating to see young Leo cry?)

Essentially our reaction if you choose the last option. (Sidenote: Who else thinks it's devastating to see young Leo cry?)

We'll take you through a step-by-step process to help you make this important decision.


Step 1: Check what the events actually are for this week.

So, yeah, this is a pretty important one to figure out. We're hosting a music show and a movie this week.

Thursday, September 22nd
American Zero

This isn't just any music show. This is an extravaganza. Not one, not two, not three, but FOUR bands. American Zero, a hardcore act from LaCrosse, WI, is the headliner. Accompanying them are a slew of more hardcore bands: Soulkeeper, Atrocities, and Nanashi.

Friday, September 23rd
The Purge: Election Year

The Purge has been an ongoing series since 2013. It hit the spot with audiences as it satisfied a twisted fantasy many of us have envisioned: What if crime were legal? In The Purge series, all crime is made legal for 12 hours and total chaos ensues. In Election Year, the newest installment, the plot revolves around a senator who's committed to ending The Purge.


Step 2: Gauge Your Interests

Take a seat and think about what you enjoy in music and films. Actually, you probably don't have to take a seat.


American Zero is a hardcore show. That means a lot of high energy and intense instrumentation. Still not sure if that's something you'd be into? Check out one of their tracks below:

If that's something that suits you, be sure to check out the music from supporting acts Soulkeeper, Nanashi, and Atrocities.

As for The Purge: Election Year, fans of thrillers will find a great deal of satisfaction. It's also a must-see if you've been following the series as a whole. Each film takes a new angle on the 12-hour legal crime aspect and this one introduces how such a rule could affect politics. Here's the trailer:


Step 3: Check Your Schedule

As students, we have super busy lives. When we aren't being suffocated by schoolwork, we're either doing extracurriculars, hanging with friends, or watching Netflix. At BDP, we like to think that we schedule our events at fairly resonable times so people feel comortable to attend without jeopardizing their own duties (yes, watching Netflix is a duty). 

So check your Thursday and Friday.

If you're interested in American Zero, block off this Thursday, September 22nd @ 8pm. If The Purge: Election Year is your cup of tea, you have more options. We are providing two showings at 6:00pm and 9:00pm on Friday, September 23rd.


Step 4: Assemble The Squad


Going to events with your friends is always better. Fact. 

If you're deciding to go to American Zero this Thursday or The Purge this Friday, hit up your friends. We'd love to see you come through to our events with a group. If you have no friends, find the nearest BDP member at the event! We'll be your friend. Everyone deserves a friend. At BDP, we like to live by the philosophy of accepting everyone. As put forth by the purple prophet of days past...


Step 5: Come Thru

Now that the squad is assembled and you're all hyped, it's time to come through in the most spectacular way possible. But where do you go? 

American Zero on Thursday will be taking place within the Terrace in the Memorial Student Center. This is where we typically hold shows unless it's acoustic (Huff's Lounge) or our Large Show (Great Hall). You can find The Purge where we always show films: Applied Arts 210. 


Step 6: Have Fun

Self-explanatory, right?