7 Reasons Why Open Mic Is Probably Our Best Event

This week, Blue Devil Productions is hosting our very first Open Mic event of the semester! We are super hyped about it.

Open Mic is unlike anything else we provide, and that's why we get so excited about it. Yeah, music shows, comedy shows, and films are great, but Open Mic is where we see campus talent. Open Mic is where we see creative minds run wild. Honestly, consider the following reasons and you may be convinced that Open Mic is our best event.


1. It's for everyone

The problem with some of our entertainment is this: it's just not for everyone. We may bring in a hardcore metal band and, trust us, we already know we've cut off a huge audience of people who aren't into that kind of stuff. If we bring a horror film to campus, we already know that people who prefer light-hearted films won't be there.

The cool part about Open Mic is that it literally has something for everyone! There's no singular genre in the performances you'll witness. It's truly across the board, and you're bound to experience something you enjoy.


2. It's unpredictable

It's almost impossible to guess what you're going to see at Open Mic. Pianist? Spoken-word poet? Garage Band? Magician? Lawnmower juggler? There really is so much variety at these events, and no two Open Mics are the same.


3. The performers are people you know

This is one of the coolest parts about Open Mic. The people performing are your PEERS. They might even be your friends. Maybe that one weird kid in your class is actually a brilliant violin player? Maybe your best friend has been hiding a secret talent from you for years? It all gets revealed at Open Mic.

I mean, talent gets revealed, not other things.

Um, ok, anyways...


4. It's chill

Open Mic has a very lounge-y vibe to it. That means you can come and go whenever you like. Well, we'd prefer that you stay, but it's a super relaxing environment. They're typically not very loud either, so that helps make the environment a bit more welcoming.

Come on over, meet up with friends, and hang out. Maybe you're all there to see a mutual buddy perform? Or maybe you're just looking for something to do. It's a super easy environment where you can settle in and check out whatever is going on.


5. ...but it's also kinda lit sometimes

This is so true. At every Open Mic there's always that one person so puts on such an awesome performance that you can't help but get swept away. Moments like this are what make Open Mic so special.


6. It don't cost you a thang

Ok, this goes for all events, but that just sweetens the deal, right?


7. It's unforgettable

We can guarantee you that if you were to ask every past attendee of the past couple years, "What do you remember about Open Mic?", they'll provide you with a moment that they just haven't been able to shake. 


Interested in our Open Mic events? Our first one is this week, Thursday, September 29th in the Memorial Student Center Terrace. Registration for participants will take place at 7:00 p.m. and the event itself begins at 8:00 p.m. Our second Open Mic is Thursday, November 3rd and our final one is Thursday, December 8th. Both will continue to take place in the Terrace at 8:00 p.m.