Event Etiquette 101: How To Act At The Semester's Last Show


We are ALREADY on the last event of the semester. We're super excited but a teeny bit sad too.

The event we speak of is the third Open Mic on Thursday, November 8th. Open Mic shows are awesome for checking out the hidden, yet fabulous, talent here on campus.

We want this event to be incredible for all those who attend so we can finish the semester with a bang. However, in order to do that, we ask both performers and audience members behave according to the guidelines in this post so it's a great time for everyone.



1. Clothing

Attend with it fully on. 


2. Attitude

We ask that you stay happy, polite, and excited with a desire to cheer on the performers. Also, we urge that you do not think about the fact that this is the last BDP show you'll see for nearly two months. If this does upset you, please remember that BDP is not gone forever. However, we will be offering crying booths for those who are especially troubled.


3. Squad Policy

As stated in a previous blog post, we highly encourage squad arrivals. However, we ask that your squad does not go over 10 deep. If it does, please review our Squad Policy and consider alternative methods of coming thru.


4. Standing v. Sitting

Here at Blue Devil Productions, we always promote standing over sitting at our events (if the option is available to you). Standing is a fun, engaging activity and we hope you practice it at our shows. In fact, standing is even better when you're out in front of the stage with your entire squad (under 10, remember). While standing is fun, it can sometimes be tiring. Keep in mind that we offer standing braces to hold you up if the energy to stand is far too intensive.

If you choose to sit, or if the ability to stand is not an option, we encourage that you sit close to the stage so the performer can see your beautiful face.


5. Energy Levels

Scream, clap, dance, and wildly flail your arms around after each performer. It's less embarrassing if your squad does the deranged arm-flailing part too.



1. Clothes

Don't think you're getting away with this one! You need them just like the audience does. 


2. Timeliness

This one is actually kinda serious. Sign-up starts at 7pm and we fill up fast! Get there as soon as you can to snag a spot. 


3. Talent

Please please PLEEEAAASE don't forget this. You'll need it to impress people. If you get on stage and choose to do nothing, please review our Passive Performer Policy. 


4. Security

Many of our performers are swarmed by adoring fans after the show. This can be uncomfortable. To ensure your safety, please hire a body guard or security team so you can properly exit the building. In addition to being an entertainment organization, we offer security solutions to students as well. Check out our services to find what's best for you.


5. Eagerness and Enthusiasm

Don't be nervous! Get pumped! Open Mic is a judgement free zone and you should feel confident in your abilities. Whether you're a novice performer or a pro, we're here to be supportive and welcoming. So hop up on stage and proudly show us your awesomeness!


Sign-up begins at 7:00 PM in the Memorial Student Center Terrace and will be available all evening until all of the spaces are filled! Performance sets are limited and do fill up fast, so remember to arrive right away if you wish to perform. The event begins at 8:00 PM


DISCLAIMER: The information provided in the steps of etiquette are largely untrue and were written for comedic purposes, but you knew that, right? Right?!