Events This Week: Giving You The Scoop

WOW. What a week that was. Homecoming is finally over and here at Blue Devil Productions we're just now catching our breath. It was an incredible week and we'd like to thank all the organizations and volunteers who made it successful!

So now we're back to our regularly scheduled programming. 

This week we have some super sweet stuff planned: a movie and a band. Read more to get the deets!

The Wrecks
Thursday, October 13 @ 8 p.m. // Terrace, MSC

If you've seen a live show by The Wrecks before, you know it's something you don't forget anytime soon. The energy and epic stage presence of this LA-based indie pop group is truly a sight to behold.


And their origin story is one reserved for music industry fables. 

A bunch of guys who'd been playing together for only a week suddenly get word that a friend has a studio for a few days. In this short time period, this group of guys got to work making the best tunes they possibly could on a budget of, well, nothing. 

Their recording session exceeded the amount of time allowed for their stay at the studio so they quickly erased their presence of ever being there. They soon left with a single flash drive in their possession, which held the three-song EP that would launch them into stardom.

Fast-forward to today and their journey has brought them to UW–Stout. How? Well, it probably helps that one of the members, Aaron Kelley, is both a Stout and BDP alumnus. His connections here has allowed for The Wrecks to play here once in spring 2016 and again this month in October.

But I think we need to be honest here for a sec.

Arguably, the best part part about The Wrecks is...


...they're just so freaking attractive!

I mean just look at these boys?! How could you not.

Anyways, this is one of those shows where, if you miss out, you'll be sure to get hit with some pretty deep feelings of guilt and regret.

Avoid the guilt. Rock out with The Wrecks.

Bad Moms
Friday, October 14 @ 6 p.m. & 9 p.m. // Applied Arts 210

Boy oh boy, those sure are some baaaaaad moms!

Boy oh boy, those sure are some baaaaaad moms!

In the same vein of The Wrecks, Bad Moms is one of the those things where you come for the hotties and stay for the content. 

I mean, come on, the cast is drool-worthy.

Two words: WOWZIE ZOWIE.

Two words: WOWZIE ZOWIE.

But this isn't just about beautiful women. The movie itself boasts a pretty hilarious plot line.

So we can all guess how stressful motherhood might be. You're constantly juggling huge responsibilities: husband, children, job, etc. And, through all this time, you have to stay mentally strong...

...until you snap.

That's where Bad Moms comes in. Three moms, who've grown far too stressed from their motherly duties, decide to throw everything to the wind and just let loose.

Bad Moms follows the antics of these three mothers as they evolve from conventional moms to party-hard divas.


Do any of these events sound pretty cool?

We hope they do because we'd LOVE to see you there.

Have questions? Contact us! You can reach us by phone at 715-232-2432 or by email at