Chase Huglin Won't Stop Making Us Cry And We Love It


Oh hey, we didn't see you there. *sniff* We just listened to a few Chase Huglin songs and unleashed a beautiful sea of tears. We weren't even feeling vulnerable, he just really got us going.


But these are good tears, tears that rejuvenate us. The kind of therapeutic crying that you experience when you listen to an extremely emotional, relatable song at the perfect moment.

The music of Chase Huglin, the man behind this Thursday's concert, is undoubtedly the kind of music that can create these moments while spurring some serious water works as well.

Yikes. Ok, maybe not that level of crying. Makes you wonder if Alice was born with enlarged, mutant tear ducts. That's just not normal.

Anyways, we digress.

Chase Huglin is a recording artist from Fort Wayne, Indiana who makes incredibly poignant indie folk songs. His music is quiet, yet exudes emotionally charged outcries that are nothing less of a roar. This particular style can make the most hardened person feel vulnerable.

We've been listening to his music a lot at BDP and we've found some choice tracks to share. Grab a box of tissues and start (or stop) thinking about your ex because it's time to let the healing tears flow.



OH. MY. Huglin begins this song by enunciating a simple request, "Would you mind if I held your hand on the drive home?" The vocal delivery seeps from his lips like sad molasses. It's actually kind of heart-wrenching.



If an indie folk artist makes a song called "Pills", you know you're in for a tough track. "I swallowed a pill / I wanted to see God," admits Huglin. His painful honesty cuts through the soul like butter.


Your New Boy

For those of you who are currently going through the pain of a break up, please stay away from this song. It'll rip you apart. "Like stitches in my skin / You are here to stay / You are the scar / That'll never go away."



All of us college students go through a mid-life crisis. It's that time in our life where we go "Who am I? Where am I going? Who do I want to be? What's the purpose of my life, if any?" It's painful, but pain shapes us and strengthens our character. Huglin certainly relates to this as he sings, "I quit my job again / To try to figure out if this life / Is a life I want to live."




So we're done with that. Are you feeling ok? If this music made you feel anything at all, we strongly suggest you check out Chase Huglin live this week. He'll be performing on Thursday, September 15th at 8:00pm with help from acoustic charmer Inconsistent. The concert will be taking place at the Memorial Student Center Amphitheater, which is the outside area across from Jarvis.

If you're still feeling a little sad from all those poignant tunes, here's a dancing baby.

Dancing babies are always nice.