3 Ways That BDP Membership Will Make Your Time At Stout Magical

We like to think of ourselves as a pretty cool organization. Or maybe we're super lame and we like to convince ourselves that we're cool? Actually, we don't even know...

...but what we DO know is that we love what we do here at Blue Devil Productions. We love it because we're passionate about event planning, entertainment, and community. We love it because it gives us a sense of purpose that is unparalleled. We also love it because it gives a chance to use the word "unparalleled", which is a pretty rare opportunity.

But, ultimately, our membership with Blue Devil Productions has made our education at UW–Stout even better. It's not just "school" anymore. BDP has made us see that Stout isn't just a place to take gen eds, pursue a major, and receive a diploma. Through the lens of BDP, UW–Stout may just be a truly magical experience.

Yes, Mr. LaBeouf, magic.

But how? How does BDP actually supplement the Stout experience to a magical level? Well, we think we've pinned it down to a few ways.


1. Community

Joining BDP isn't just an attempt to get involved. It isn't just something to talk about in job interviews. It's a community.

                                          Had to do it

                                          Had to do it

As said in the contemporary classic High School Music, "we're all in this together." That rings true for BDP. Setting up events is hard work. But when you're in it together with a bunch of likeminded individuals, it suddenly becomes a special experience that you all share. When you're part of an experience with other people, a community begins to grow. And within that community, friendships grow. Oftentimes, those friendships blossom into unbreakable bonds. 

This is where the magic comes in. The kind of relationships you make in BDP are ones that will improve your college experience in ways you didn't think possible. The organization will allow you to build a supportive network of people who you can always count on.

               If special friendships aren't magical, then I don't know what is

               If special friendships aren't magical, then I don't know what is

This is even more crucial to incoming students. As a freshman, you're constantly looking for ways to connect and find friendships, and what better place to do this than BDP?


2. Invaluable Learning Experience

You come to school to learn. Duh. That's essentially why you're here. You learn and then get a diploma at the end to prove that you've partook in the learning process.

But learning in the classroom is a very specific type of learning. Of course, it's a valuable type of learning. What you acquire from the classroom informs you how to approach your career. But classroom learning isn't always hands-on. It doesn't really throw you into the thick of things. It doesn't really rough you up.

At BDP, we'd argue that getting down and dirty is one of the best ways to learn

Ok, yikes, that's not really what we meant.

We meant "down and dirty" in a figurative sense. You see, in a classroom, you can listen to a lecture or read a textbook all you want, but you won't actually go through an experience as it's happening in realtime. 

Let's put forth the following thought experiment. Say you're taking a class that's all about event planning. It covers the entire spectrum, from logistics to accommodating a diverse range of guests. There's homework, class activities, and exams. But you never actually plan an event in the field. Compare that to BDP, where you're planning events on a weekly basis. Solving problems and maximizing an enjoyable experience for patrons are constantly in practice. It's stressful and you make mistakes. But that stress and those mistakes shape you. They actively change the way you perceive event planning and, after this "field experience", you feel like you could put on an event with your eyes closed. 

The moral of the story is that BDP gives you hands-on experience. And it's not just event planning either. Whether you're a general member or a board member, you'll go through worthwhile experiences with marketing, communication, leadership, teamwork, and more. Diving into these will help you grow as a person and instill within you a sense of confidence that you never though possible. Now that's magical.


3. It's Just Fun

This one is pretty simple, yet it's one of the most important of the three.

Let's review what Blue Devil Productions is. We are a student-run organization that brings music, comedy, and films to campus. Read that sentence again. Read it one more time. Reflect on it a bit. 

After some reflection, you may have realized the following:


We bolded AND centered that sentence so you can take a good long look at it. There isn't one inch about that statement that isn't true. That truly is our job. And it could be yours too!

The foundation of everything we do is built upon the concept of fun and sharing that fun with everyone else on campus. At the end of the day, it doesn't even feel like a job, nor does it feel work. In addition, joining us will rarely ever have you bored. There's always events to attend and there's always events to promote. 

But the magic lies with the memories. Your time with BDP will provide unforgettable experiences that you'll cherish for a lifetime. Remember that time you worked really hard for two weeks to perfect the EDM concert and it turned out to be an absolute success? Remember when you suggested one of your favorite artists to come and they did? Or that time you simply attended an event with friends and had a blast? These are all memories waiting to made with BDP.

So what are you waiting for? Make the magic happen. Join us and make your time at UW–Stout something magical.




For more information, email us at bdp@uwstout.edu or give us a call at 715-232-2432. Did this article give you some serious considerations about joining? We'd love to have you! We meet every Monday in Ballroom C within the Memorial Student Center at 6:00pm.