Happy Valentine's Day, UW-Stout!

Love is in the air today, everyone! Chocolates, flowers, oversized teddy bears, DVD copies of Twilight, the list of cheesy gifts goes on and on, that is, if you have one of these so called "baes."  However, we at BDP understand that sometimes, your pet isn't enough to be a great valentine when you're off at college, and single. So we thought we'd come up with a list of things anyone on Valentine's Day can do, single or not, to celebrate the holiday.


Sing a Power Ballad!

We all know how often you sing Foreigner's I Wanna Know What Love Is at the top of your lungs every time you're in a car, in the shower, or have any free time. You know all the words, or at least, you're close.  Why not release all of your pent-up woes about love at this Thursday's open mic night? Sing a power ballad, or any song for that matter. You'll feel the wonderful appreciation of the audience who might be just as lonely as you. Who knows?

Work On Your Comedy Act!

We all know about the woes of dating and love.  Everyone has their horror stories of disaster dates, lost love, that time you accidentally farted the first time you met your significant other's parents, we know it all.  And we can all laugh it.  Get ready to tell your comedy act at this Thursday's Open Mic night! (seeing a trend here?)

Plan The Rest of Your Week (and keep Thursday Night Free!)

If you couldn't tell by now, BDP's hosting their first open mic night this Thursday at 8 PM at the MSC Terrace! Come perform or come watch and support the brave people willing to take to the stage! Really, BDP is the best valentine you could ask for if you think about it.  


We love you. Come check it out.