Welcome Back, UW-Stout!!

Winter break is coming to a close for all of us. Say goodbye to staying up until 3 AM binge-watching Shameless, and say hello once more to staying up until 3 AM to finish yet another paper. 8 AM classes are coming back, too, if you forgot about it.


Before we all break down into tears about starting classes again, don't forget about your best friends at BDP!  We have a few things for everyone here at UW-Stout to get rid of those syllabus week blues.


Focus Ring

We know how much you missed our free Thursday shows, everyone, so why not start out your first Thursday back with another one? We are proud to share our first concert, Focus Ring!  Focus Ring is a Minnesota-based emo-indie acoustic band that you're sure to love. We promise!

Peep the bandcamp, bro.





The day after, why not finish off your first week of classes with a sweet flick we are offering FOR FREE, as always.  We will be showing The Arrival, a killer sci-fi movie starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker.  Do you need to know anything else to want to see this movie? We didn't think so, either. 

Already in IMDB's Top 250 movies of all time, Arrival places a linguistics professor with trying to figure out how to talk to and translate the messages from some incredibly mysterious alien visitors. Bring friends, and more importantly, bring treats, this movie will rock your socks off.

Here's the trailer:


Remember, these events are just during the first week! Throughout the whole semester we are going to be giving UW-Stout tons of killer events for you all to enjoy, just because we love you all so much. Stay tuned! BDP out.