10 Friday Night Plans You Should Ditch For Finding Dory

Think back...

...far back...

...thirteen years ago to be exact (that kinda rhymed, cool).


Thirteen years ago, Finding Nemo came to theaters and brightened the lives of children across the globe. If this movie was a part of your youth, you likely have fond memories of it. The unforgettable characters. The excellent animation. The engaging plot line. It just hit the spot for us back in 2003. Ahhh, 2003... those were simpler times carefree times.

Fast forward to 2016 and you're paying hella bills, suffering existential crises on a near daily basis, getting mentally drained from school or work, and generally having issues with keeping your life in order. Life sucks a little bit sometimes, but you deal with it because that's just how life is.

But, also in 2016, we were given a nostalgic reminder of those simpler times with the release of Finding Dory. This film, bless it's existence, revitalizes the tale of Nemo. Instead, this time, the plot follows Dory as she searches for her parents. 

Blue Devil Productions is proud to present this film to a generation of students who grew up with Finding Nemo. We want you to be stoked for it. So stoked, that you ditch whatever plans you had to see the movie. Here's 10 scenarios that we believe are totally ok to blow off to view the film instead.


1. Your Friday Night Rager

College partying is inevitably associated with risky behavior such as binge drinking, drug use, and careless hookups. You can skip the partying. Instead, party with Dory. Who needs mind-altering substances when you and your friends can chuckle away with America's favorite forgetful fish.


2. Your Evening With The Parents

When you saw Finding Nemo as a child, it's likely that your parents were there watching alongside you. "Sorry Mom and Dad," you'll say. "I know we haven't seen each other in almost a year, but I can't visit you tonight. Finding Dory is playing at Stout."

They'll understand.


3. Your Friend's Birthday

Is your friend having a birthday party? Awesome, but were they there for you back in 2003 to brighten your life? Dory was there. Dory brightened your life. There's nothing your friend can do that Dory can't.


4. Going To The Theater

But why go to the theaters when you can see Finding Dory a few blocks away in Applied Arts 210? Besides, this is super free AND you're allowed to smuggle as many snacks as you want. We won't chastise you.


5. Doing Homework

School JUST started. Don't even worry about this yet. This can wait for Sunday. Homework will always be there, but Dory is only here on Friday night. Look at it this way: if Dory was given the option to either work on homework or spend time with you, what do you think she'd choose?



6. Going To The Cities

Being so close to Minneapolis and St. Paul, this tends to be a popular activity for students at Stout. The cities are a magical place that have tons of potential for adventure. But nothing compares to the limitless nature of the ocean. And who lives in the ocean? Dory, that's who. Sounds like a pretty good time to us.


7. Doing Anything That Costs Money

Our Finding Dory showing is free, you're a poor college student, you need to save money, and student loans will soon become a harsh, depressing reality. It's so simple, people.


8. Binging Netflix With Your Pet

Just go to Finding Dory and tell your pets about it when you get home. They'll be fine.


9. Working Out

We understand that you want to maintain that beach bod that you've been trying so hard to sculpt over the summer. But, honestly, give it a rest! It's a Friday night! Friday nights are supposed to be time off, and what better way to take a break than to spend time with Dory.


10. Sleeping

This first week of school may have been stressful for you, or perhaps it threw off your summer sleeping schedule. We get it, you're bound to be tired. But how can you possibly sleep knowing that Blue Devil Productions is having two showings of Finding Dory at 6pm and 9pm on Friday, September 9th in Applied Arts 210?