BDP Has A Blog Now!

Yeah, that's right.

Go ahead. Read the title a couple more times. Surreal, isn't it? Blue Devil Productions, UW–Stout's premiere entertainment provider, has a FREAKING blog!

So it should go without say that we're pretty excited about it. 

But what are we going to do with this blog? What's the point? Well, let's start with what we're NOT going to do with this blog.


1. We're NOT going to use it as an annoying recruitment tool

"omg join our organization haha it's really fun, like, we meet once a week and it's cool because you get to, like, work with musicians and comedians and they might be famous one day so it's now or never haha please join tho"


2. We're NOT going to use it to promote your garage band's music, even though you insist that the new record is "super dope" and/or "sick."

The only time we'll feature musical acts is if we are featuring them in one of our shows, or the act in question is part of a significantly relevant entertainment news story.


3. We're NOT going to post spam.

Everything you see on this blog will be relevant to Blue Devil Productions and entertainment news. However, we can't promise posting about literal, canned SPAM. We love that stuff.

(gross, totally kidding)


Ok, so now that's straightened out, let's dive into what this blog is all about.


1. This blog is meant to be educational.

Before you throw up because you saw the word "educational", please just sit down for a second and chill. We understand that there's a lot of you out there who don't really know who BDP is. That's totally ok, but honestly, you're missing out! This blog is here to help you get familiar with who we are as an organization.


2. We want this blog to introduce all of our amazing entertainment options. 

We bring in a lot of bands, comedians, and movies. Sometimes, these entertainment provisions aren't well-known and, sadly, people don't attend because of that. We want you to get an understanding of who or what we're bringing to campus so you can make an informed decision. The last thing we want you to say is, "I didn't go to that event because I don't know that band/comedian/movie."


3. This blog is here to give you the scoop.

We have a lot of people in BDP who are passionate about entertainment and we're always following the latest, greatest entertainment news. We think it's really exciting and we want to share it with you. When something big happens, we'll let you know.


So that about does it.

We hope that you have a pretty good understanding of what this blog is supposed to be. We're super excited about it and we hope you are too!

Keep your eyes peeled on social media for future posts. Until then...