Your Finals Survival Guide Courtesy of Your Friends At BDP

Well, we've finally made it to yet another semester's conclusion.  And with our classes ending, we know there is one thing left to do: the dreaded finals week.  One last hurdle to jump over before we can finally hibernate until January.

But before we can get what we really want in some well deserved rest, we are stuck finishing those 14 exams, 10 final projects in each class, and about 83 papers, and I think we know bad we just want to scream about how stressed out we all are.


Luckily, your best friends here at the BDP blog are here to give you a list of some things to try during finals week to help make your week just that little bit less painful for you.



We've all been in that position where we are up to our necks in final projects, papers, assignments, and everything in between. It might seem daunting, but something to try instead is to make lists!  Try listing only the easy things first, or only list 2 or 3 things of the infinite amount of things you need to get done.  They'll keep you organized, and in keeping smaller lists of things to get done, the progress we make seems so much bigger, and really can motivate you that much more!


No, seriously, go to bed.  A goodnight's sleep the night before your exams will do miles more for you than a pack of red bull, your notes, and a night of no sleep.  A rested brain is a smarter brain!

No more procrastination!

Turn your phone off! Log off of Facebook! Stop retweeting @FillWerrel and do your stuff! (After your done reading our blog post, that is)  You'll find when you remove your procrastination catalysts, you'll find that you can get everything done a lot easier, when you sit down and actually DO the work you need to! 

Take Breaks, Mix It Up!

Staring at books for 5 hours sucks.  Studying isn't fun. We know this, and that's why it's important to take breaks too! Go on a walk, get lunch somewhere, take a 30 minute nap, drink a cup of coffee.  Any and all types of breaks you can take, you'll find will make you feel a little less bitter when you come back to study, and in short bursts, you'll retain a lot more information.

There's all sorts of things you can think about to help your success during finals week, and these are only a few really simple ones to think about as finals week rolls around! Most importantly, remember, you're going to be okay! We love you. BDP out.