Happy Valentine's Day, UW-Stout!

Love is in the air today, everyone! Chocolates, flowers, oversized teddy bears, DVD copies of Twilight, the list of cheesy gifts goes on and on, that is, if you have one of these so called "baes."  However, we at BDP understand that sometimes, your pet isn't enough to be a great valentine when you're off at college, and single. So we thought we'd come up with a list of things anyone on Valentine's Day can do, single or not, to celebrate the holiday.


Sing a Power Ballad!

We all know how often you sing Foreigner's I Wanna Know What Love Is at the top of your lungs every time you're in a car, in the shower, or have any free time. You know all the words, or at least, you're close.  Why not release all of your pent-up woes about love at this Thursday's open mic night? Sing a power ballad, or any song for that matter. You'll feel the wonderful appreciation of the audience who might be just as lonely as you. Who knows?

Work On Your Comedy Act!

We all know about the woes of dating and love.  Everyone has their horror stories of disaster dates, lost love, that time you accidentally farted the first time you met your significant other's parents, we know it all.  And we can all laugh it.  Get ready to tell your comedy act at this Thursday's Open Mic night! (seeing a trend here?)

Plan The Rest of Your Week (and keep Thursday Night Free!)

If you couldn't tell by now, BDP's hosting their first open mic night this Thursday at 8 PM at the MSC Terrace! Come perform or come watch and support the brave people willing to take to the stage! Really, BDP is the best valentine you could ask for if you think about it.  


We love you. Come check it out.

A Few Reasons Why You Need To See Moana TOMORROW

That's right, folks. Tomorrow, Friday, we're showing the newest Disney hit, Moana. This is a movie that you cannot miss, for real.


Reason 1) See This Movie

You might have already seen this movie, you might hate having a good time, you might not like Disney. Well, our one response to any of your excuses is this:

It's a brand new Disney movie, and it's totally free. Seriously, it's a great way to spend a few hours on your Friday.

2) The Rock

He's cute. He's tall. He's got a stunning smile. He's got gorgeous eyes. I didn't say his name, but his face popped into your mind, didn't it?

That's right.  The Rock. In Moana. And he even has his own song, and if we needed another reason to love The Rock, he kills it.


3) The Music

Like any Disney movie, the soundtrack is absolutely killer. The songs are great, the singing is perfected. Showtunes are in full swing, friends, and you're all invited. You're welcome. (If you saw the movie, you would get that last line.)


4) The Animation

The film is beautiful. Seriously, Disney had over a hundred animators working on the water alone.  If you don't say "Wow, this is so pretty," we'll give you your money back. Oh wait, the movie is free. So you have nothing to lose, and you know you'll love it. Nothing is stopping you at this point. Check it out.


Much love, BDP out.

Welcome Back, UW-Stout!!

Winter break is coming to a close for all of us. Say goodbye to staying up until 3 AM binge-watching Shameless, and say hello once more to staying up until 3 AM to finish yet another paper. 8 AM classes are coming back, too, if you forgot about it.


Before we all break down into tears about starting classes again, don't forget about your best friends at BDP!  We have a few things for everyone here at UW-Stout to get rid of those syllabus week blues.


Focus Ring

We know how much you missed our free Thursday shows, everyone, so why not start out your first Thursday back with another one? We are proud to share our first concert, Focus Ring!  Focus Ring is a Minnesota-based emo-indie acoustic band that you're sure to love. We promise!

Peep the bandcamp, bro.





The day after, why not finish off your first week of classes with a sweet flick we are offering FOR FREE, as always.  We will be showing The Arrival, a killer sci-fi movie starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker.  Do you need to know anything else to want to see this movie? We didn't think so, either. 

Already in IMDB's Top 250 movies of all time, Arrival places a linguistics professor with trying to figure out how to talk to and translate the messages from some incredibly mysterious alien visitors. Bring friends, and more importantly, bring treats, this movie will rock your socks off.

Here's the trailer:


Remember, these events are just during the first week! Throughout the whole semester we are going to be giving UW-Stout tons of killer events for you all to enjoy, just because we love you all so much. Stay tuned! BDP out.

Your Finals Survival Guide Courtesy of Your Friends At BDP

Well, we've finally made it to yet another semester's conclusion.  And with our classes ending, we know there is one thing left to do: the dreaded finals week.  One last hurdle to jump over before we can finally hibernate until January.

But before we can get what we really want in some well deserved rest, we are stuck finishing those 14 exams, 10 final projects in each class, and about 83 papers, and I think we know bad we just want to scream about how stressed out we all are.


Luckily, your best friends here at the BDP blog are here to give you a list of some things to try during finals week to help make your week just that little bit less painful for you.



We've all been in that position where we are up to our necks in final projects, papers, assignments, and everything in between. It might seem daunting, but something to try instead is to make lists!  Try listing only the easy things first, or only list 2 or 3 things of the infinite amount of things you need to get done.  They'll keep you organized, and in keeping smaller lists of things to get done, the progress we make seems so much bigger, and really can motivate you that much more!


No, seriously, go to bed.  A goodnight's sleep the night before your exams will do miles more for you than a pack of red bull, your notes, and a night of no sleep.  A rested brain is a smarter brain!

No more procrastination!

Turn your phone off! Log off of Facebook! Stop retweeting @FillWerrel and do your stuff! (After your done reading our blog post, that is)  You'll find when you remove your procrastination catalysts, you'll find that you can get everything done a lot easier, when you sit down and actually DO the work you need to! 

Take Breaks, Mix It Up!

Staring at books for 5 hours sucks.  Studying isn't fun. We know this, and that's why it's important to take breaks too! Go on a walk, get lunch somewhere, take a 30 minute nap, drink a cup of coffee.  Any and all types of breaks you can take, you'll find will make you feel a little less bitter when you come back to study, and in short bursts, you'll retain a lot more information.

There's all sorts of things you can think about to help your success during finals week, and these are only a few really simple ones to think about as finals week rolls around! Most importantly, remember, you're going to be okay! We love you. BDP out.

Event Etiquette 101: How To Act At The Semester's Last Show


We are ALREADY on the last event of the semester. We're super excited but a teeny bit sad too.

The event we speak of is the third Open Mic on Thursday, November 8th. Open Mic shows are awesome for checking out the hidden, yet fabulous, talent here on campus.

We want this event to be incredible for all those who attend so we can finish the semester with a bang. However, in order to do that, we ask both performers and audience members behave according to the guidelines in this post so it's a great time for everyone.



1. Clothing

Attend with it fully on. 


2. Attitude

We ask that you stay happy, polite, and excited with a desire to cheer on the performers. Also, we urge that you do not think about the fact that this is the last BDP show you'll see for nearly two months. If this does upset you, please remember that BDP is not gone forever. However, we will be offering crying booths for those who are especially troubled.


3. Squad Policy

As stated in a previous blog post, we highly encourage squad arrivals. However, we ask that your squad does not go over 10 deep. If it does, please review our Squad Policy and consider alternative methods of coming thru.


4. Standing v. Sitting

Here at Blue Devil Productions, we always promote standing over sitting at our events (if the option is available to you). Standing is a fun, engaging activity and we hope you practice it at our shows. In fact, standing is even better when you're out in front of the stage with your entire squad (under 10, remember). While standing is fun, it can sometimes be tiring. Keep in mind that we offer standing braces to hold you up if the energy to stand is far too intensive.

If you choose to sit, or if the ability to stand is not an option, we encourage that you sit close to the stage so the performer can see your beautiful face.


5. Energy Levels

Scream, clap, dance, and wildly flail your arms around after each performer. It's less embarrassing if your squad does the deranged arm-flailing part too.



1. Clothes

Don't think you're getting away with this one! You need them just like the audience does. 


2. Timeliness

This one is actually kinda serious. Sign-up starts at 7pm and we fill up fast! Get there as soon as you can to snag a spot. 


3. Talent

Please please PLEEEAAASE don't forget this. You'll need it to impress people. If you get on stage and choose to do nothing, please review our Passive Performer Policy. 


4. Security

Many of our performers are swarmed by adoring fans after the show. This can be uncomfortable. To ensure your safety, please hire a body guard or security team so you can properly exit the building. In addition to being an entertainment organization, we offer security solutions to students as well. Check out our services to find what's best for you.


5. Eagerness and Enthusiasm

Don't be nervous! Get pumped! Open Mic is a judgement free zone and you should feel confident in your abilities. Whether you're a novice performer or a pro, we're here to be supportive and welcoming. So hop up on stage and proudly show us your awesomeness!


Sign-up begins at 7:00 PM in the Memorial Student Center Terrace and will be available all evening until all of the spaces are filled! Performance sets are limited and do fill up fast, so remember to arrive right away if you wish to perform. The event begins at 8:00 PM


DISCLAIMER: The information provided in the steps of etiquette are largely untrue and were written for comedic purposes, but you knew that, right? Right?!


Who Is K.Raydio?

In a sad, last-minute turn of events, water.lo – our original opener for the November 17th Trapo show – had to cancel.

But fear not! We were able to get a replacement.

Introducing K.Raydio!

But who is she? It's hard to pinpoint exactly. Yeah, you could say she's a music artist who employs a fusion of soul and r&b with hip-hop influences. You could say she's an Evanston, Illinois native who is now based in Minneapolis.  You could say that she's an experienced performer who has played shows at 7th Street Entry, Cabooze, and Varsity Theater.

But none of this really tells her story. To truly understand this eclectic artist, you'll need to experience her sound.


1. Proof

This is currently the first song on K's Soundcloud and, for that reason, it may be the first song you ever hear from her. It's a great introduction because it allows you to get the full picture of who she is: a tough but vulnerable lyricist who effortlessly glides on ethereal production. 

2. Freefall

K sings on a slightly off-kilter beat with absolute mastery. The song exists in the in another dimension or something. We have no idea.

3. One Drop

Funky, tight instrumentals carry K into a realm of soulful bliss. It's like audio candy. Like, the best candy you could ever imagine.

4. Angels

One of the comments for this song simply reads, "damn K." That's essentially how we feel on this one. K's voice combined with the production conjures an image of flying through the sky amongst clouds and old memories. We can't get enough.

5. Claire Underwood


So are you liking what you hear? We sure hope so. We're so grateful to have K at Stout, and we can't wait to hear her sweet sounds bless the MSC Terrace. Be sure to catch our main act, Trapo, after her performance.

3 Open Mic Performers Who We Think Are Insanely Cool

Back in September, we hosted our first Open Mic event, and it was absolutely awesome.

I mean, just look at these pics.

Clearly, it was a pretty good time.

But we did something a bit different for this particular Open Mic. You see, we host these events and tons of talented people come in from across campus, but we never really get to know them. You think they'd be interesting people, right? 

So we decided to talk to three acts before their set to get a better idea of who they were.


Jarod Burgardt

Jarod Burgardt

Jarod Burgardt

When we asked Jarod Burgardt if he was familiar with singing in front of people, he offered a surprising response.

"I tried it once," he said.

That meant that his Open Mic performance was the second time he had ever flexed his vocal chords for a crowd. Jarod, we seriously salute you.

Jarod has viewed singing as something to do for fun. "It's kind of a hobby that I do on and off," he said. His singing tendencies haven't gone far beyond his Let's Play channel – a genre of videos where individuals play games and offer commentary – that he shares with his friends on the streaming service Twitch

"Sometimes I sing along to the songs that we have on," he said. "We play Super Smash Bros., Legend of Zelda; mostly Nintendo stuff."

On Open Mic Night, Jarod chose a personal favorite to sing: "Send Them On" by Bastille. 

"I kind of like the band, but I really like the song," he said. Jarod depicted himself as a huge fan of alternative rock in general, but it was clear where his heart was.

Jarod: "AC/DC is the best."

BDP: "Can you sing like their vocalist?"

Jarod: "I could try, but afterwards... 

...I would not be able to speak."

Fair enough, Jarod, fair enough.

When all was said and done, he made a triumphant spectacle with his performance. Sporting a particularly deep voice, Jarod conquered the song with confidence. When he got off stage, he seemed relieved. It's our hope that Open Mic gave him the courage to take his talents further.

Jarod Burgardt

Jarod Burgardt


Sidney Kukert

Sidney Kukert

Sidney Kukert

During his sound check, Sidney Kukert gave us a taste of what was coming: dark and dirty tunes that could only be described by a marriage between Joy Division and Nirvana.

"Grunge punk is my kind of stuff," he affirmed; wearing a Nirvana shirt. It made sense.

Sidney was at Open Mic to play guitar and sing original songs and covers.  He sounded great during the soundcheck so we asked him how long he'd been playing.

"Less than a year," he stated bashfully.

Hannah Vogel (left) and Sidney Kukert (right)

Hannah Vogel (left) and Sidney Kukert (right)

Ok, we definitely did not see that one coming.

Although Sidney's journey with guitar has been a short one, it turned out to be a fascinating glimpse into modern technology's ability to promote musicianship.

At a certain point in his life, Sidney said to himself that there just "wasn't many new video games coming out," or, at least, games he was interested in.

"[But] I see this game called Rocksmith," he said, reminiscing, "and I'm like, 'Hey, I'll learn!'"

"It's a video game and it teaches you how to play a real guitar," he informed us. The concept is especially interesting because the player needs an authentic "axe" to play. No plastic shredders here, people. Think Guitar Hero, but you're actually learning something.

The game helped him, and now he's climbing atop the Open Mic stage; showcasing determination and raw talent.

Sidney Kukert

Sidney Kukert


Brendon Serrano & Freddie Rolstad

Freddie Rolstad (left) and Brendon Serrano (right)

Freddie Rolstad (left) and Brendon Serrano (right)

The two looked at each other and laughed when asked if their musical pursuits were serious.

"It's definitely a hobby," said Freddie Rolstad. Brendon Serrano chimed in, "I don't think we'd get much further than [Open Mic]."

They had planned to perform an acoustic cover at Open Mic. "It's a surprise," grinned Brendon when asked which song. Freddie chuckled in agreement.

Brendon Serrano

Brendon Serrano

Freddie and Brendon have only known each other for a year, but since then, they've established a strong friendship built on a shared love for music.

Both men are multi-instrumentalists (and we truly mean multi). Guitar, piano, violin, ukelele, a drumline stint, and experience with orchestra comprised Brendon's musical resume. Freddie boasts an impressive set as well: guitar, piano, ukelele, bass, drums, band percussion, trumpet, and violin.

Freddie favors country and Brendon is inclined towards alternative rock, but when combined, their talents make for something special.

This was especially evident during their performance. The two revealed that their surprise song of choice was an acoustic cover of Lil Jon's "Get Low."

It's the kind of tune that you just shouldn't play acoustically. But Freddie and Brendon did it, and they absolutely rocked.

Freddie Rolstad (left) and Brendon Serrano (right)

Freddie Rolstad (left) and Brendon Serrano (right)

If these awesome people have you in the mood for some Open Mic, make sure you attend our next one! It will be taking place on Thursday, November 3rd at 8:00 p.m. in the MSC Terrace. Remember, if you wish to perform, sign-up starts at 7:00 p.m. We hope to see you there!

10 Jobs That Will Forever Change Your Stout Experience

It's that time of year again!

Fall is finally here!

Fall is a time of change. The leaves turn color, the temperature drops, Uggs increase in frequency, and we suddenly begin to care about certain flavors.

Yeah, that flavor...

Yeah, that flavor...

Fall is also a time of change for Blue Devil Productions! Every year during this time we begin our hiring process for our executive board. And guess what? The application is open RIGHT NOW.

Check it out here  → https://orgsync.com/11364/forms/224489

And it should go without say that we're SUPER DUPER siked to see all the eager applicants.

Literally us when we think about new BDPers.

Literally us when we think about new BDPers.

But, this year, we want you to understand what's being offered. More often than not, students don't apply because they aren't sure what the positions entail or, even worse, they don't even know what BDP is!

Well, as you probably know, we are Blue Devil Productions and we are UW–Stout's entertainment organization (i.e. our job is literally entertainment, which are two things that are often separate).

Pretty much what our job looks like.

Pretty much what our job looks like.

We are a student-run organization. We have members and board members. And, at this current time, we are beginning to hire the newest batch of board members.

"That all sounds great, but what are my choices if I want to work as a board member in BDP?"

Great question! You have 10, fabulous options:


1. Executive Producer

The big kahuna. Head honcho. Da boss. 

The Executive Producer is essentially the face of BDP. They lead the pack and keep everyone on-track and accountable. They also help manage the organization's sizable budget. We're looking for applicants with a healthy mix of managerial skills, humor, and fun. A strong knowledge and interest in entertainment helps too.

Currently held by Anna Haggerty. Contact for job shadowing: bdpexecpro@uwstout.edu


2. Communications Director

Technically the Vice President of BDP, the Communications Director acts as the liaison for our organization's communications. They are in control of BDP's email, take meeting minutes, and write Campus Life Today and UW–Stout Today posts. They typically help out with other writing-related tasks as well.

The other big role that the Communications Director possesses is management of the membership program. Blue Devil Productions LOVES it's members, and we make sure that they're treated right. It's the Communications Director's job to make sure membership is fun and rewarding by engaging with members and organizing a member program.

Also, we should add that the Communications Director has taken on a new role recently. THIS FREAKING BLOG! The BDP blog was created this semester as a fun way to brand our organization and advertise our events. By taking this position, you would be in full control of the blog.

Currently held by Matthew Gundrum. Contact for job shadowing: bdp@uwstout.edu

3. Campus Marketing Director

Marketing. It's one of those weird, intimidating terms that makes people shy away. But have no fear! It's one of the most fun jobs in BDP.

The Campus Marketing Director deals with ALL promotion efforts made within our campus boundaries. They're ones who're in the Commons or MSC handing out handbills and decorating our MSC display case.

They also take care of our social media! This is a HUGE responsibility because an effective social media campaign takes a lot of work. We are currently on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. All four require constant love and attention. 

Currently held by Jessica Empey. Contact for job shadowing: bdpcampusrel@uwstout.edu


4. Public Marketing Director

More marketing! This position deals with all marketing efforts beyond our campus borders.

This means putting up posters at local businesses, contacting radio stations/newspapers to advertise our events, and essentially developing good relationships with non-Stout related customers.

This is one of the most flexible positions because you can totally make it your own. Want to make promotional videos? Go ahead! Maybe you have a knack for art and would like to create Snapchat filters? Sure! The sky is the limit with Public Marketing Director.

Currently held by Hannah Vogel. Contact for job shadowing: bdppublicrel@uwstout.edu


5. Art Director

Calling all graphic designers! 

This is one of the best positions in BDP if you possess an artistic flair. That's because YOU are creating our posters each semester! You will also be provided plenty of other design opportunities. We create a lot of freshman promo items and you bet that you'll be designing those too. 

This position is absolutely incredible for your portfolio, not to mention the fact that it'll really help you polish your digital design skills. If you're curious about past designs, check here for an archive of our posters.

Currently held by Nick Grilley. Contact for job shadowing: bdpart@uwstout.edu


6. Multimedia Director

We take our web presence very seriously. That's why we have a position specifically designed to do upkeep on our site!

The Multimedia Director is dedicated to updating our current website and creating new ones. There is a lot of freedom here, and we expect that all applicants are creative coders who're well-versed in HTML and CSS. 

The Multimedia Director also creates entirely new websites for larger affairs. Check out the sites for Homecoming and Bowling for Soup. Fabulous, right?

Currently held by Alyssa Rupp. Contact for job shadowing: bdpmulti@uwstout.edu


7. Special Events Director

Can you say LARGE SHOW?!

Every semester, BDP has a single, paid event (all of our other events are free, just in case your forgot) called the Large Show. This show is our BIG one. We bring in a well-known act and a spectacle ensues.

Bringing in these big acts is a tough job, though. That's why we have a position solely dedicated to it: Special Events Director.

In this position, you'll be contacting the agents for big acts directly. Your job is to arrange deals with these bands and get them over here. Once you book them, it's your job to make sure everything goes smoothly; from the moment they accept your offer, to the moment they get off stage. Ever wanted to work with a big band? Here's your chance.

Currently held by Annalecia Vallafskey. Contact for job shadowing: bdpspecevents@uwstout.edu


8. Music Director

Do you like music? Do you REALLY like music? Do you like music so much that you intend on pursuing music industry jobs after college? Well this is the job for you!

Our Music Director books all of the FREE bands that we bring in each semester. Contact them, make a deal, get 'em over here, and make sure the show goes smooth. 

This is a great way to get your foot in the door in the music industry. You'll be in constant contact with talent agencies, band managers, and band members. It's a pretty cool gig if you practically eat, dream, and sleep music.

Currently held by Anna Haggerty. Contact for job shadowing: bdpmusic@uwstout.edu


9. Comedy Director

Attending a comedian and laughing along to their jokes is always a fun time. But there's something truly special about booking a comedian and watching them make other people laugh. It's the gift of giving.

The Comedy Director is responsible for bringing all of our comedians to campus. And we don't joke around when it comes to this position. We're dedicated to bringing the funniest people we can find. It's a process we take very seriously.

This is another one of those jobs where you'll get a foot in the door within the entertainment industry. You'll be corresponding with agents and comedians regularly.

Currently held by Jenna Oliver. Contact for job shadowing: bdpcomedy@uwstout.edu


10. Homecoming & Films Director

This position is special because you're in charge of two really big roles: movies and Homecoming. 

Let's start with movies. BDP shows films about once every other week. We take pride in our film offerings because we typically show them before they've hit DVD. These movies are pretty much exclusive, pre-DVD screenings. How cool is that?

You'll be choosing the movies that comes to campus. It's a bigger job than you think because you have to have an eye for popular films. This is pretty much an on-campus dream job for movie geeks.

In addition to bringing movies, you will be in charge of arranging the rollout of Homecoming. BDP plays a very large roll in Homecoming and we're proud of the work we do. However, none of this work could be done without the Homecoming & Films Director. They help organize the festivities and are in constant communication with the Homecoming Committee to make sure that this big event is a smashing hit.

Currently held by Serena Coleman. Contact for job shadowing: bdpfilms@uwstout.edu


So did any of these sound cool? Yes? Then go ahead and apply here! If you want more info before you apply, be sure to contact the individual(s) with the position(s) you desire and request a job shadowing session.

Good luck!




Additional Info:

What you will need for this application: Contact information, 2 references, your resume, tentative class schedule for Spring 2017, copies or links to any applicable information about you, and your knowledge and passion for BDP!

Applications are due no later than 5:00 pm on Friday, November 11th, 2016. Late applications will not be accepted!

Interviews will be scheduled from November 16th through November 18th. A Doodle link will be presented in this application to choose available interview times. Not all who submit applications will be guaranteed an interview.  You will be notified of your interview status and time by 8 pm Monday, November 14th, 2016. Those interviewed will be notified of their hiring status by November 22nd.

Questions can be emailed to BDP's Advisor: Emily Ascher aschere@uwstout.edu

Introducing The #SoupSelfies Ticket Contest!


We're very proud to bring Bowling for Soup to our university this year!

Yeah, THAT Bowling for Soup. You know, the guys who did this song:

AND this song:

AAAAND, of course, this:

So yeah, the hype is real. But this is a paid show, and for a college student, paying for things isn't exactly favorable. 

Luckily, we're here to present an alternative that'll snag you tickets FOR FREE. However, you're going to have to work for these tickets...

...by taking selfies.

We're VERY excited to announce our #SoupSelfies contest. By using the hashtag with your image, you will be automatically entered into a drawing to win a free ticket to the show.

You can choose to post your image on your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter profile. If you do it this way, you MUST "@," mention, or tag us in the description. You also have the option to privately message us the image, which we will then post ourselves.

We have five free tickets to give away so the five best #SoupSelfies will be awarded.

BUT, there's a catch. You can't just take a lazy, uninspired selfie with some random can of soup. There's a process here.

1. Find your favorite can of soup

It's hard to care about something if you're not passionate. So why take a selfie with any old can of soup? Find your favorite, even if that means going out and buying it. It'll make your image feel more personal.

2. Choose a weird or interesting location

Don't just position yourself next to your cupboard. Go somewhere weird. But don't be stupid about it. We're not responsible if you fall into Lake Menomin while trying to capture a fire selfie.

3. Position the soup in a creative manner

Put soup where it doesn't belong. Bring soup out of it's comfort zone. We want you to take your soup where no soup has gone before.

4. Make a goofy face

Be silly about it! Deadpan expressions are never fun. This will help brighten your selfie.


Once you follow all these, you should have something that looks like this:

We encourage that your submissions are less creepy.

We encourage that your submissions are less creepy.

You see? It's pretty simple!

Remember, you have two options to submit:

- Post your pic on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with #SoupSelfies. Be sure to "@," tag, or mention us in the pic.

- Send us a private message of your pic via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and we'll post it.

We will be accepting submissions until Friday, October 28th @ 11:59 p.m.

Now get out there and get creative!


Bowling for Soup will be playing on Tuesday, November 1st at 8pm in the Great Hall, MSC.

Ticket sales are as follows:

UW–Stout Students
- One-week pre-sale (October 13th, 9am-October 20th, 9am) $5
- Pre-sale (October 21st, 9am-October 31st) $15
- Day of show (November 1st) $17

- Pre-sale (October 21st, 9am-October 31st) $20
- Day of show (November 1st) $25

The exclusive one-week student tickets must be purchased at the Service Desk on the first floor of the Memorial Student Center and only one ticket is allowed per student. Please note that student tickets are for UW-Stout students ONLY! If you purchase a student ticket you must present a UW-Stout student I.D. at check-in on the day of show and when purchasing. If you do not have the correct ticket, you will be directed to pay an up charge for the correct ticket. 

Tickets can be purchased online here.

This event is sponsored by Blue Devil Productions of the University of Wisconsin-Stout. For more information please call Blue Devil Productions at (715) 232-2432 or go to bdp.uwstout.edu.

Events This Week: Giving You The Scoop

WOW. What a week that was. Homecoming is finally over and here at Blue Devil Productions we're just now catching our breath. It was an incredible week and we'd like to thank all the organizations and volunteers who made it successful!

So now we're back to our regularly scheduled programming. 

This week we have some super sweet stuff planned: a movie and a band. Read more to get the deets!

The Wrecks
Thursday, October 13 @ 8 p.m. // Terrace, MSC

If you've seen a live show by The Wrecks before, you know it's something you don't forget anytime soon. The energy and epic stage presence of this LA-based indie pop group is truly a sight to behold.


And their origin story is one reserved for music industry fables. 

A bunch of guys who'd been playing together for only a week suddenly get word that a friend has a studio for a few days. In this short time period, this group of guys got to work making the best tunes they possibly could on a budget of, well, nothing. 

Their recording session exceeded the amount of time allowed for their stay at the studio so they quickly erased their presence of ever being there. They soon left with a single flash drive in their possession, which held the three-song EP that would launch them into stardom.

Fast-forward to today and their journey has brought them to UW–Stout. How? Well, it probably helps that one of the members, Aaron Kelley, is both a Stout and BDP alumnus. His connections here has allowed for The Wrecks to play here once in spring 2016 and again this month in October.

But I think we need to be honest here for a sec.

Arguably, the best part part about The Wrecks is...


...they're just so freaking attractive!

I mean just look at these boys?! How could you not.

Anyways, this is one of those shows where, if you miss out, you'll be sure to get hit with some pretty deep feelings of guilt and regret.

Avoid the guilt. Rock out with The Wrecks.

Bad Moms
Friday, October 14 @ 6 p.m. & 9 p.m. // Applied Arts 210

Boy oh boy, those sure are some baaaaaad moms!

Boy oh boy, those sure are some baaaaaad moms!

In the same vein of The Wrecks, Bad Moms is one of the those things where you come for the hotties and stay for the content. 

I mean, come on, the cast is drool-worthy.

Two words: WOWZIE ZOWIE.

Two words: WOWZIE ZOWIE.

But this isn't just about beautiful women. The movie itself boasts a pretty hilarious plot line.

So we can all guess how stressful motherhood might be. You're constantly juggling huge responsibilities: husband, children, job, etc. And, through all this time, you have to stay mentally strong...

...until you snap.

That's where Bad Moms comes in. Three moms, who've grown far too stressed from their motherly duties, decide to throw everything to the wind and just let loose.

Bad Moms follows the antics of these three mothers as they evolve from conventional moms to party-hard divas.


Do any of these events sound pretty cool?

We hope they do because we'd LOVE to see you there.

Have questions? Contact us! You can reach us by phone at 715-232-2432 or by email at bdp@uwstout.edu.

What You Need To Know About Homecoming 2016

It's kinda crazy how Homecoming is already here. Didn't school just start a few weeks ago? 


This year's Homecoming is super special because the University of Wisconsin–Stout is celebrating 125 years, which will act as the theme. It's sort of like a huge birthday party. A week-long birthday party.

But what exactly is going on? What can you expect? 


Some New Traditions

Speaking of NEW things, we're super excited to announce...


Stout Spirit Ambassadors

First, and probably most significant, we are not crowning royalty for king and queen this year. Instead, 8-12 students will be chosen for a Stout Ambassadors Spirit Award.

As a progressive campus, it's only natural that we begin perceiving Homecoming through a progressive lens. The tradition of king and queen, although not inherently bad, tends to put a premium on gender rigidity and status. This felt a bit restricting.  With the Stout Ambassadors Spirit Award, we will be able to honor students across a broader spectrum.

In addition, the Stout Ambassadors Spirit award has greater responsibility tied to it: those chosen will play a greater role with alumni events, Career Conference socials, and the Stout Summit. In turn, ambassadors will establish a greater sense of community connectivity across campus. 


Lip Sync Battle

When it comes to new events, we're going to be hosting a faculty/staff lip sync battle!

Groups of up to five faculty/staff showcasing their "pretend-singing" skills will face off against each other on-stage. Complete with props, outfits, and routines, these faculty and staff members will truly be putting it on the table for eternal stardom.

This grand event will be taking place on Wednesday, October 5th in the Memorial Student Center Great Hall from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. 


Cosmic Bingo

Neon lights, music, and epic prizes. Need we say more? You can catch this one in the Great Hall as well from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Monday, October 3rd.


We've Got Old Traditions Too

Of course, we're bringing back events that Stout has known for years.


Penny Wars

This one's a classic: taking place from the first day of Homecoming, Monday, October 3rd, at 8:00 a.m. until Thursday of that week until 3:00 p.m.

Proceeds coming from this year's Penny Wars will go to the Chancellor's Fund for Teaching Excellence and Student Success. The fund is dedicated to attracting top teaching talent and enriching student experience here at Stout.


Medallion Hunt

Another classic. All week there will be a hidden medallion located somewhere on campus. Look for clues on Campus Life Today!


Soapbox Derby

Probably one of the best sources of entertainment that you'll find all week. The Soapbox Derby is a mainstay for Stout Homecoming. There's nothing more satisfying that watching people race down a steep hill in makeshift vehicles. Stay for the crashes.

The derby will take place on Tuesday, October 4th at 4:00 p.m. on Wilson Ave & 2nd Street W.


Comedian: Jeff Scheen

We always have a comedian for Homecoming and this one is certainly different. Michigan native and Chicago resident Jeff Scheen is a total weirdo who has a tendency to appeal to millennials. His off-beat humor and slightly unsettling nature is why we love him.

You can catch Jeff on Friday, October 7th in the Memorial Student Center Great Hall at 8:00 p.m.



So consider yourself informed!

Any other Homecoming questions? Contact us!

Homecoming email: homecoming@uwstout.edu
Official email: bdp@uwstout.edu
Phone: 715-232-2432




7 Reasons Why Open Mic Is Probably Our Best Event

This week, Blue Devil Productions is hosting our very first Open Mic event of the semester! We are super hyped about it.

Open Mic is unlike anything else we provide, and that's why we get so excited about it. Yeah, music shows, comedy shows, and films are great, but Open Mic is where we see campus talent. Open Mic is where we see creative minds run wild. Honestly, consider the following reasons and you may be convinced that Open Mic is our best event.


1. It's for everyone

The problem with some of our entertainment is this: it's just not for everyone. We may bring in a hardcore metal band and, trust us, we already know we've cut off a huge audience of people who aren't into that kind of stuff. If we bring a horror film to campus, we already know that people who prefer light-hearted films won't be there.

The cool part about Open Mic is that it literally has something for everyone! There's no singular genre in the performances you'll witness. It's truly across the board, and you're bound to experience something you enjoy.


2. It's unpredictable

It's almost impossible to guess what you're going to see at Open Mic. Pianist? Spoken-word poet? Garage Band? Magician? Lawnmower juggler? There really is so much variety at these events, and no two Open Mics are the same.


3. The performers are people you know

This is one of the coolest parts about Open Mic. The people performing are your PEERS. They might even be your friends. Maybe that one weird kid in your class is actually a brilliant violin player? Maybe your best friend has been hiding a secret talent from you for years? It all gets revealed at Open Mic.

I mean, talent gets revealed, not other things.

Um, ok, anyways...


4. It's chill

Open Mic has a very lounge-y vibe to it. That means you can come and go whenever you like. Well, we'd prefer that you stay, but it's a super relaxing environment. They're typically not very loud either, so that helps make the environment a bit more welcoming.

Come on over, meet up with friends, and hang out. Maybe you're all there to see a mutual buddy perform? Or maybe you're just looking for something to do. It's a super easy environment where you can settle in and check out whatever is going on.


5. ...but it's also kinda lit sometimes

This is so true. At every Open Mic there's always that one person so puts on such an awesome performance that you can't help but get swept away. Moments like this are what make Open Mic so special.


6. It don't cost you a thang

Ok, this goes for all events, but that just sweetens the deal, right?


7. It's unforgettable

We can guarantee you that if you were to ask every past attendee of the past couple years, "What do you remember about Open Mic?", they'll provide you with a moment that they just haven't been able to shake. 


Interested in our Open Mic events? Our first one is this week, Thursday, September 29th in the Memorial Student Center Terrace. Registration for participants will take place at 7:00 p.m. and the event itself begins at 8:00 p.m. Our second Open Mic is Thursday, November 3rd and our final one is Thursday, December 8th. Both will continue to take place in the Terrace at 8:00 p.m.


5 Ways BDP Can Help You Have Fun With A Dying Bank Account

Ok, so we don't know if you know this yet, but the entertainment that Blue Devil Productions provides is FREE.

Yes, FREE. That means you don't have to spend money to have fun. Isn't that the dream of every college student ever? Well, BDP is here to help bring that dream to life.

Here are some options that'll allow you to have fun without breaking the bank.


1. Attending Our Thursday Night Music Shows

This is one our most popular offerings. We bring a TON of awesome artists to Stout across many different genres: indie folk, rap, hardcore, country, rock, punk, and more! Best part? You don't have to pay a dime.


2. Viewing One Of Our Film Screenings

Going to the movies can get expensive if you're a frequent attendee. So save yourself the stress! Watch movies with us in Applied Arts 210 instead! We're always bringing the freshest, most relevant films so you don't have to worry about wasting your time on stale flicks you've already seen a hundred times.


3. Laughing Along With A Comedian

If you think about it, comedian shows are pretty special. They aren't as common as concerts or movies and every comedian has a different style of making you laugh. At BDP, we freaking LOVE comedians. And that's exactly why we bring them to campus (free of charge, of course).


4. Checking Out Our Extravagant Large Shows

We admit, Large Shows AREN'T free. But they're cheap. Like, really cheap, because as a student, you automatically get a discount on your tickets. Large Shows are exciting because this is where we bring out the big guns. It's where we get a bit spendy with out budget to bring in well-known acts.  Not to mention our partners at the Event Technology Crew go crazy with the light show.

So are they free? No. But are they worth the value? Definitely.


5. Getting Involved With Us

Honestly, we would argue that this is the cheapest and bestest (yeah, we said "bestest") way to have free fun.

It's a little known fact that setting up for an event and watching others have fun is just as good as attending the event yourself. When you've worked hard to set up the perfect music show or comedian event, you can't help but feel proud when you see tons of people there laughing and having a good time.


Interested in this free fun we speak of? Click here to check out the event calendar for this year. Want to get involved? Email us at bdp@uwstout.edu for more information!

The Single Biggest Question You May Have About This Week's Events

Yes, folks. There is but a single question you should have about Blue Devil Productions' entertainment offerings this week. By no means is it a complex query, but it is a critical one for sure.

Which event should I go to?

It's a question many of you may ask when we're on a week such as this because we're offering not one but TWO events. That brings you to a decision-making process, which brings forth additional questions.

Should I attend just one?

Should I attend both?

Should I attend neither?

Essentially our reaction if you choose the last option. (Sidenote: Who else thinks it's devastating to see young Leo cry?)

Essentially our reaction if you choose the last option. (Sidenote: Who else thinks it's devastating to see young Leo cry?)

We'll take you through a step-by-step process to help you make this important decision.


Step 1: Check what the events actually are for this week.

So, yeah, this is a pretty important one to figure out. We're hosting a music show and a movie this week.

Thursday, September 22nd
American Zero

This isn't just any music show. This is an extravaganza. Not one, not two, not three, but FOUR bands. American Zero, a hardcore act from LaCrosse, WI, is the headliner. Accompanying them are a slew of more hardcore bands: Soulkeeper, Atrocities, and Nanashi.

Friday, September 23rd
The Purge: Election Year

The Purge has been an ongoing series since 2013. It hit the spot with audiences as it satisfied a twisted fantasy many of us have envisioned: What if crime were legal? In The Purge series, all crime is made legal for 12 hours and total chaos ensues. In Election Year, the newest installment, the plot revolves around a senator who's committed to ending The Purge.


Step 2: Gauge Your Interests

Take a seat and think about what you enjoy in music and films. Actually, you probably don't have to take a seat.


American Zero is a hardcore show. That means a lot of high energy and intense instrumentation. Still not sure if that's something you'd be into? Check out one of their tracks below:

If that's something that suits you, be sure to check out the music from supporting acts Soulkeeper, Nanashi, and Atrocities.

As for The Purge: Election Year, fans of thrillers will find a great deal of satisfaction. It's also a must-see if you've been following the series as a whole. Each film takes a new angle on the 12-hour legal crime aspect and this one introduces how such a rule could affect politics. Here's the trailer:


Step 3: Check Your Schedule

As students, we have super busy lives. When we aren't being suffocated by schoolwork, we're either doing extracurriculars, hanging with friends, or watching Netflix. At BDP, we like to think that we schedule our events at fairly resonable times so people feel comortable to attend without jeopardizing their own duties (yes, watching Netflix is a duty). 

So check your Thursday and Friday.

If you're interested in American Zero, block off this Thursday, September 22nd @ 8pm. If The Purge: Election Year is your cup of tea, you have more options. We are providing two showings at 6:00pm and 9:00pm on Friday, September 23rd.


Step 4: Assemble The Squad


Going to events with your friends is always better. Fact. 

If you're deciding to go to American Zero this Thursday or The Purge this Friday, hit up your friends. We'd love to see you come through to our events with a group. If you have no friends, find the nearest BDP member at the event! We'll be your friend. Everyone deserves a friend. At BDP, we like to live by the philosophy of accepting everyone. As put forth by the purple prophet of days past...


Step 5: Come Thru

Now that the squad is assembled and you're all hyped, it's time to come through in the most spectacular way possible. But where do you go? 

American Zero on Thursday will be taking place within the Terrace in the Memorial Student Center. This is where we typically hold shows unless it's acoustic (Huff's Lounge) or our Large Show (Great Hall). You can find The Purge where we always show films: Applied Arts 210. 


Step 6: Have Fun

Self-explanatory, right?

3 Ways That BDP Membership Will Make Your Time At Stout Magical

We like to think of ourselves as a pretty cool organization. Or maybe we're super lame and we like to convince ourselves that we're cool? Actually, we don't even know...

...but what we DO know is that we love what we do here at Blue Devil Productions. We love it because we're passionate about event planning, entertainment, and community. We love it because it gives us a sense of purpose that is unparalleled. We also love it because it gives a chance to use the word "unparalleled", which is a pretty rare opportunity.

But, ultimately, our membership with Blue Devil Productions has made our education at UW–Stout even better. It's not just "school" anymore. BDP has made us see that Stout isn't just a place to take gen eds, pursue a major, and receive a diploma. Through the lens of BDP, UW–Stout may just be a truly magical experience.

Yes, Mr. LaBeouf, magic.

But how? How does BDP actually supplement the Stout experience to a magical level? Well, we think we've pinned it down to a few ways.


1. Community

Joining BDP isn't just an attempt to get involved. It isn't just something to talk about in job interviews. It's a community.

                                          Had to do it

                                          Had to do it

As said in the contemporary classic High School Music, "we're all in this together." That rings true for BDP. Setting up events is hard work. But when you're in it together with a bunch of likeminded individuals, it suddenly becomes a special experience that you all share. When you're part of an experience with other people, a community begins to grow. And within that community, friendships grow. Oftentimes, those friendships blossom into unbreakable bonds. 

This is where the magic comes in. The kind of relationships you make in BDP are ones that will improve your college experience in ways you didn't think possible. The organization will allow you to build a supportive network of people who you can always count on.

               If special friendships aren't magical, then I don't know what is

               If special friendships aren't magical, then I don't know what is

This is even more crucial to incoming students. As a freshman, you're constantly looking for ways to connect and find friendships, and what better place to do this than BDP?


2. Invaluable Learning Experience

You come to school to learn. Duh. That's essentially why you're here. You learn and then get a diploma at the end to prove that you've partook in the learning process.

But learning in the classroom is a very specific type of learning. Of course, it's a valuable type of learning. What you acquire from the classroom informs you how to approach your career. But classroom learning isn't always hands-on. It doesn't really throw you into the thick of things. It doesn't really rough you up.

At BDP, we'd argue that getting down and dirty is one of the best ways to learn

Ok, yikes, that's not really what we meant.

We meant "down and dirty" in a figurative sense. You see, in a classroom, you can listen to a lecture or read a textbook all you want, but you won't actually go through an experience as it's happening in realtime. 

Let's put forth the following thought experiment. Say you're taking a class that's all about event planning. It covers the entire spectrum, from logistics to accommodating a diverse range of guests. There's homework, class activities, and exams. But you never actually plan an event in the field. Compare that to BDP, where you're planning events on a weekly basis. Solving problems and maximizing an enjoyable experience for patrons are constantly in practice. It's stressful and you make mistakes. But that stress and those mistakes shape you. They actively change the way you perceive event planning and, after this "field experience", you feel like you could put on an event with your eyes closed. 

The moral of the story is that BDP gives you hands-on experience. And it's not just event planning either. Whether you're a general member or a board member, you'll go through worthwhile experiences with marketing, communication, leadership, teamwork, and more. Diving into these will help you grow as a person and instill within you a sense of confidence that you never though possible. Now that's magical.


3. It's Just Fun

This one is pretty simple, yet it's one of the most important of the three.

Let's review what Blue Devil Productions is. We are a student-run organization that brings music, comedy, and films to campus. Read that sentence again. Read it one more time. Reflect on it a bit. 

After some reflection, you may have realized the following:


We bolded AND centered that sentence so you can take a good long look at it. There isn't one inch about that statement that isn't true. That truly is our job. And it could be yours too!

The foundation of everything we do is built upon the concept of fun and sharing that fun with everyone else on campus. At the end of the day, it doesn't even feel like a job, nor does it feel work. In addition, joining us will rarely ever have you bored. There's always events to attend and there's always events to promote. 

But the magic lies with the memories. Your time with BDP will provide unforgettable experiences that you'll cherish for a lifetime. Remember that time you worked really hard for two weeks to perfect the EDM concert and it turned out to be an absolute success? Remember when you suggested one of your favorite artists to come and they did? Or that time you simply attended an event with friends and had a blast? These are all memories waiting to made with BDP.

So what are you waiting for? Make the magic happen. Join us and make your time at UW–Stout something magical.




For more information, email us at bdp@uwstout.edu or give us a call at 715-232-2432. Did this article give you some serious considerations about joining? We'd love to have you! We meet every Monday in Ballroom C within the Memorial Student Center at 6:00pm.

Chase Huglin Won't Stop Making Us Cry And We Love It


Oh hey, we didn't see you there. *sniff* We just listened to a few Chase Huglin songs and unleashed a beautiful sea of tears. We weren't even feeling vulnerable, he just really got us going.


But these are good tears, tears that rejuvenate us. The kind of therapeutic crying that you experience when you listen to an extremely emotional, relatable song at the perfect moment.

The music of Chase Huglin, the man behind this Thursday's concert, is undoubtedly the kind of music that can create these moments while spurring some serious water works as well.

Yikes. Ok, maybe not that level of crying. Makes you wonder if Alice was born with enlarged, mutant tear ducts. That's just not normal.

Anyways, we digress.

Chase Huglin is a recording artist from Fort Wayne, Indiana who makes incredibly poignant indie folk songs. His music is quiet, yet exudes emotionally charged outcries that are nothing less of a roar. This particular style can make the most hardened person feel vulnerable.

We've been listening to his music a lot at BDP and we've found some choice tracks to share. Grab a box of tissues and start (or stop) thinking about your ex because it's time to let the healing tears flow.



OH. MY. Huglin begins this song by enunciating a simple request, "Would you mind if I held your hand on the drive home?" The vocal delivery seeps from his lips like sad molasses. It's actually kind of heart-wrenching.



If an indie folk artist makes a song called "Pills", you know you're in for a tough track. "I swallowed a pill / I wanted to see God," admits Huglin. His painful honesty cuts through the soul like butter.


Your New Boy

For those of you who are currently going through the pain of a break up, please stay away from this song. It'll rip you apart. "Like stitches in my skin / You are here to stay / You are the scar / That'll never go away."



All of us college students go through a mid-life crisis. It's that time in our life where we go "Who am I? Where am I going? Who do I want to be? What's the purpose of my life, if any?" It's painful, but pain shapes us and strengthens our character. Huglin certainly relates to this as he sings, "I quit my job again / To try to figure out if this life / Is a life I want to live."




So we're done with that. Are you feeling ok? If this music made you feel anything at all, we strongly suggest you check out Chase Huglin live this week. He'll be performing on Thursday, September 15th at 8:00pm with help from acoustic charmer Inconsistent. The concert will be taking place at the Memorial Student Center Amphitheater, which is the outside area across from Jarvis.

If you're still feeling a little sad from all those poignant tunes, here's a dancing baby.

Dancing babies are always nice.

10 Friday Night Plans You Should Ditch For Finding Dory

Think back...

...far back...

...thirteen years ago to be exact (that kinda rhymed, cool).


Thirteen years ago, Finding Nemo came to theaters and brightened the lives of children across the globe. If this movie was a part of your youth, you likely have fond memories of it. The unforgettable characters. The excellent animation. The engaging plot line. It just hit the spot for us back in 2003. Ahhh, 2003... those were simpler times carefree times.

Fast forward to 2016 and you're paying hella bills, suffering existential crises on a near daily basis, getting mentally drained from school or work, and generally having issues with keeping your life in order. Life sucks a little bit sometimes, but you deal with it because that's just how life is.

But, also in 2016, we were given a nostalgic reminder of those simpler times with the release of Finding Dory. This film, bless it's existence, revitalizes the tale of Nemo. Instead, this time, the plot follows Dory as she searches for her parents. 

Blue Devil Productions is proud to present this film to a generation of students who grew up with Finding Nemo. We want you to be stoked for it. So stoked, that you ditch whatever plans you had to see the movie. Here's 10 scenarios that we believe are totally ok to blow off to view the film instead.


1. Your Friday Night Rager

College partying is inevitably associated with risky behavior such as binge drinking, drug use, and careless hookups. You can skip the partying. Instead, party with Dory. Who needs mind-altering substances when you and your friends can chuckle away with America's favorite forgetful fish.


2. Your Evening With The Parents

When you saw Finding Nemo as a child, it's likely that your parents were there watching alongside you. "Sorry Mom and Dad," you'll say. "I know we haven't seen each other in almost a year, but I can't visit you tonight. Finding Dory is playing at Stout."

They'll understand.


3. Your Friend's Birthday

Is your friend having a birthday party? Awesome, but were they there for you back in 2003 to brighten your life? Dory was there. Dory brightened your life. There's nothing your friend can do that Dory can't.


4. Going To The Theater

But why go to the theaters when you can see Finding Dory a few blocks away in Applied Arts 210? Besides, this is super free AND you're allowed to smuggle as many snacks as you want. We won't chastise you.


5. Doing Homework

School JUST started. Don't even worry about this yet. This can wait for Sunday. Homework will always be there, but Dory is only here on Friday night. Look at it this way: if Dory was given the option to either work on homework or spend time with you, what do you think she'd choose?



6. Going To The Cities

Being so close to Minneapolis and St. Paul, this tends to be a popular activity for students at Stout. The cities are a magical place that have tons of potential for adventure. But nothing compares to the limitless nature of the ocean. And who lives in the ocean? Dory, that's who. Sounds like a pretty good time to us.


7. Doing Anything That Costs Money

Our Finding Dory showing is free, you're a poor college student, you need to save money, and student loans will soon become a harsh, depressing reality. It's so simple, people.


8. Binging Netflix With Your Pet

Just go to Finding Dory and tell your pets about it when you get home. They'll be fine.


9. Working Out

We understand that you want to maintain that beach bod that you've been trying so hard to sculpt over the summer. But, honestly, give it a rest! It's a Friday night! Friday nights are supposed to be time off, and what better way to take a break than to spend time with Dory.


10. Sleeping

This first week of school may have been stressful for you, or perhaps it threw off your summer sleeping schedule. We get it, you're bound to be tired. But how can you possibly sleep knowing that Blue Devil Productions is having two showings of Finding Dory at 6pm and 9pm on Friday, September 9th in Applied Arts 210?


BDP Season Has Arrived





It's already September. It's already F R E A K I N G September. But forreal though, what happened to summer? It's pretty much gone. Sad...

...or is it?

The end of summer means the beginning of school. For many of us, that's a bit unfortunate. But through the lens of O P T I M I S M...

...wait, hold on...

OK. OPTIMISM GLASSES ARE ON! And now we can see what school actually looks like for us...

Sooooooooo, if you think about it, school isn't THAT bad.

We are excited to announce some of the new developments that we have coming up in fall! We have a ton of amazing things planned, but we'll just give you a sneak peak for now.


Derek Hughes
Sunday, Septebmer 4th
Great Hall, MSC


Tyler Boeh
Tuesday, September 6th
Amphitheater, MSC


Thursday, September 8th
Amphitheater, MSC


Finding Dory
Friday, September 9th
6:00pm & 9:00pm
Applied Arts 210

Ahhhh! So many events! So Exciting!

That's all for now. We'll keep you posted on anything else as it comes up throughout this month. We're super duper excited about this semester and we hope you are too!




BDP Has A Blog Now!

Yeah, that's right.

Go ahead. Read the title a couple more times. Surreal, isn't it? Blue Devil Productions, UW–Stout's premiere entertainment provider, has a FREAKING blog!

So it should go without say that we're pretty excited about it. 

But what are we going to do with this blog? What's the point? Well, let's start with what we're NOT going to do with this blog.


1. We're NOT going to use it as an annoying recruitment tool

"omg join our organization haha it's really fun, like, we meet once a week and it's cool because you get to, like, work with musicians and comedians and they might be famous one day so it's now or never haha please join tho"


2. We're NOT going to use it to promote your garage band's music, even though you insist that the new record is "super dope" and/or "sick."

The only time we'll feature musical acts is if we are featuring them in one of our shows, or the act in question is part of a significantly relevant entertainment news story.


3. We're NOT going to post spam.

Everything you see on this blog will be relevant to Blue Devil Productions and entertainment news. However, we can't promise posting about literal, canned SPAM. We love that stuff.

(gross, totally kidding)


Ok, so now that's straightened out, let's dive into what this blog is all about.


1. This blog is meant to be educational.

Before you throw up because you saw the word "educational", please just sit down for a second and chill. We understand that there's a lot of you out there who don't really know who BDP is. That's totally ok, but honestly, you're missing out! This blog is here to help you get familiar with who we are as an organization.


2. We want this blog to introduce all of our amazing entertainment options. 

We bring in a lot of bands, comedians, and movies. Sometimes, these entertainment provisions aren't well-known and, sadly, people don't attend because of that. We want you to get an understanding of who or what we're bringing to campus so you can make an informed decision. The last thing we want you to say is, "I didn't go to that event because I don't know that band/comedian/movie."


3. This blog is here to give you the scoop.

We have a lot of people in BDP who are passionate about entertainment and we're always following the latest, greatest entertainment news. We think it's really exciting and we want to share it with you. When something big happens, we'll let you know.


So that about does it.

We hope that you have a pretty good understanding of what this blog is supposed to be. We're super excited about it and we hope you are too!

Keep your eyes peeled on social media for future posts. Until then...